Supplication of Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)

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ANOTHER SUPPLICATON NARRATED FROM HIM (may our souls be sacrifice for him).

O’ Allah! Grant me success in Your obedience, distance us from wrong doings, grant us sincerity in our intention, cognizant of the forbidden things, honour us with guidance and steadfastness, direct our tongue to reason and wisdom, fill our mind with knowledge and perceptions, purify our stomach from forbidden and suspicion things, deprive our hand from oppressions and stealing, avert our sight from immorality and deceptions and block our hearing from nonsense and backbiting.

Grant our scholars with asceticism and admonition and the student with struggle and interest and the listeners with obedience and exhortations and on the sick Muslims with recovering and relaxation, and their death with lenience and mercy and on the old ones with dignity and tranquility and on the youth with repentance and forgiveness and on the women with shyness and decency, and on the wealthy ones with respect and abundance and on the poor ones with patient and contentedness and on those on war with victory and upper hand and on the captives with freedom and relaxation and on the leaders with justice and compassionate and on the citizens with farness and good morals, bless the pilgrims and the visitors to the holy house, bless their provisions and their expense and accomplished what is incumbent on them in Pilgrimage and lesser Pilgrimage with Your favour and mercy, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.