Supplication of Sahmo llayl for asking for ones wishes




O’ Allah! I am requesting from You by the mightness, strength and pride of Your glory, with the extent of Your severe strength with emphasis of laudation and glorification of Your greatness, with the sublimity, increase and elevation of Your exaltedness, with the continuation, external and persistence of Your time, with the pleasure, forgiveness and security of Your mercy, with the realities of fact among Your right, with the concealed out of Your mysteries, with the fastening glory among Your Glories, with the yearning of meaning to relief the desirous, with burnt, submissions and the sigh of the scared ones, with the hope of the actions and sayings of the struggles, with the humbleness, submission, intermission and the bitterness of the tolerant, with the worships, right prayers, glorifications and patients of the worshippers.

O’ Allah! The senses has become distracted, the sight has been diminished, the understandings has perished, the imaginations has become confused, the mind has been shortened, the suspicion is far away from perceiving the essence of what manifested among the wonderfulness of Your strength, without reaching to the cognizant of the luminescence sparkling of Your heavenly lightening.

O’ Allah that urge movements! The beginning and ending of all the targets. O’ He who brings out the branches and pruning of the vegetation. O’ He who split the boulder fo the unshakable mountains and bring out water from it as helper and life to the creatures, and give life from it to the animals and vegetations, and know what engross in secret thought among the hidden speech and even the language of the Ant.

O’ He whom the Angels of the seven Heavens extol, praise, glorifies, magnifies, and prostrated to the beautifulness and magnificence of the great sayings, and glorifies the Omnipotence of His authority. O’ He who circulates and continuously brightening and lightening the luminous stars, and know the numbers of the living and the death, send Your blessing on Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad the best of the creatures.
And do so and so for me.
(you mention your demands)