Supplication No. 19



O’ Allah, O’ the creator of the elevated roof and the unmovable flat land, the provider of substance to the disobedient and the obedient ones who has no other guardian and mediator besides him.
I requested You by Your name when mentioned on difficult means it turns it to ease, when it was place on the mountain it becomes like a scattered dust, when it was raised to the Heaven it open all the locks, when it was descend to the darkness of the Earth it expand its tightness, when it was supplicated for a death he would be resurrected from his grave, it brings to existence when call with it for the none existence, the heart becomes scared out of submissiveness when it was mentioned to it, and the eyes overflow tears when it sounds to the ears.
I asked You by the sake of Your supported Messenger with miracles, who was sent with coherent signs, and by the aske of the commander of the faithful Ali son of Abi Talib, whom You have chosen as his brother, his trustee, and has selected him as his equivalent and relation in marriage.
And by the sake of the leader of the time of Al-Mahdi, whom different views shall combine to follow, and shall join between various minds, through him the rights of Your intimate friends shall be extracted, through him You shall retaliate the evils of Your enemies and fill the Earth with good and justice through him, with his reappearance You shall expand the servant’s favoured gratefulness. And return the fact to its place with honoured and praised and shall return the Religion and new through his hand, send blessing on Muhammad and on he family of Muhammad, I am seeking intercession through them before You, I presented them as intermediary for my demands before You, to grant me the gratification of Your bounties, and grant me success of knowing him and the guidance to his obedience, increase my strength to attached with his infallibility and following his customs, and make me among his group, indeed You hear all the calls with Your mercy, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.Translation Under Construction