In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O’ Allah! Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and hasten their relief (O’ the Merciful of the merciful (70) seventy times).

O’ Allah encompass the enemies of the families of Your Prophet and those that oppressed them and the enemies of their followers and enemies of those that gave allegiance to them with entire evil, and overflow them with evil, and silent them with unbearable night and with unsaved time and quickly retaliate from them and burn their heart with the wrath of Your Hell fire.

O’ Allah! Scattered their unity, disunite their gatherings, change their plans, turn their banners upside down, destroy their homes and make their life span very near, let their afflictions between themselves, and let us be free from them and held them with intensive responsibility.

O’ Allah! Impose sufferings and illness on their body and tighten their means of sustenance and deprive them of their properties, and distract them of their way and cut Your assistance from them and reduce their population.

O’ Allah! Protect the followers of the household of Your Prophet peace be on them from their evils, and free them from their plots, deceits and afflictions. Help them with Your Grace and unite their words and their gatherings, administer their affairs and teach them what is known to them, let them see what is unseen to them, elevate their words and make it very exalted and make very low the words of the enemies