Supplication of the Aeid (Celebration) of Ghadeer

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      O’ Allah I am asking You, verily You worth praising, You are alone without any associates, verily You are one, alone and everlasting, You did not begotten nor were You begotten, and there is no one comparable to You, verily Muhammad is Your servant and Your Messenger, may Your blessing be on him and on his family, O’ He who is at duty every time, as it was  Your stature to confer favour on me, to make me among those You answer their prayers, and among those that practice Your Religion, let me among those that call upon You, as You have accord me that right from the commencement of my creation just as a favour and generosity from You.

      Then followed be favour, bounty, and Munificence as leniency and mercy from You till You renew my covenant after the renewal of my creation, then I was completely forgotten and negligence, then You complete Your favour on my by reminding me of that, You bestowed and guided me to that.

      O’ My Lord, my leader and my master, let among Your duty the perfection of that favour on me and don’t deprive me of that, till You take my life while You are pleasing with me, verily You worth granting and perfecting favour on me. O’ Allah, we heard and shall obey and answer Your call due to Your favour on us, all praise and forgiveness are due to You, O’ our God unto You the whole fate. We believe in God, He is alone without any associate, we also believe in His Messenger Muhammad, may the blessing of Allah be on him and on his holy family, we endorsed and answer the call of God, we followed the Messenger accepting the guardianship of our master and the believers master, the commander of the faithful, Ali son of Abi Talib, the servant of Allah, the brother of His Messenger, the great righteous one and the proof true Religion, the flag bearer of the Religion of God, the treasure of His knowledge the suitcase of Allah’s secrets, the place of Allah’s mysteries,  the trustee of Allah on His creatures and His witness among His creations.

      O’ Allah, {O’ Lord, we have heard a caller calling us to believe saying, “believe you in Your Lord!” and we believe our Lord, forgive Thou us our sins and acquit us of our evil deeds, and take us to thee with the pious, Our Lord, give us what Thou hast promise us by Thy Messengers and abase us not on the day of resurrection, Thou will not fail the trust}

      O’ our Lord, we believe on Your favour and kindness and answer the callers on Your path and we followed and believe the Prophet, and we believe on the master of the believers, we disbelieves on tyrants and idols, we obey those whom You had confer on us as leaders and guardian, resurrect us together with our Imams, because we certainly believe in them and to them we surrender.

      We believe in their secrets and their overt, the present and the absent among them, we are pleased for their Imamate, leadership and mastership, they are sufficient to us between us and God without any other of His creations, we don’t wish for their exchange and we don’t take other than them as our confident.

      We acquit before Allah with whoever declares war against them, among the Jinn and the mankind from the beginning to the end of  the time, we disbelieve the tyrants and idols and the major four idols together with their followers and whoever paid them allegiance among the Jinn and mankind, from the beginning to the end of the time.

      O’ Allah, we take You as witness that we believe on what Muhammad and the family of Muhammad has believed on, blessing of Allah be upon him and upon them, our sayings is what they say, our Religion is their Religion, what ever they said is what we say, what ever they adopted we adopt, what ever they rejected we reject, what ever they paid allegiance we pay allegiance to, we revert what ever they reverted, we curse what ever they cursed, we disavow what ever they disavowed from, we have mercy on who ever they have mercy on, we believe, surrender, please and follow our masters, may Allah’s  blessing be on them all.

      O’ Allah, perfected that for us and don’t deprived us of it, let that be firm and well established with us, and don’t make it a fictitious, let our life in this situation and when You seize our life, on the same situation of the family of Muhammad, they are our Imams, for their memorial we gathered and to them we pay allegiance, we revolt against their enemy who are also the enemy of Allah, let us be among their intimacy in this world and the world Hereafter, verily we are pleased with that, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful…..