Supplication of Eftetaah (opening)

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O’ Allah I am opening laudation with Your praise, You directed Your favour accurately, I am convinced that You are the Most Merciful of the merciful in the position of pardon and blessing, the Severer discipliner in terms of warning and indignations, the greater over-bearing in terms of pride and sublimity.

      O’ Allah permit me to supplicate and request from You, hear me, O’ He who hear my laudations, answer my call, O’ the Most Merciful, less my errors, O’ He who forgives.

      O’ my Lord! How many trouble You have relief from me! How many anxieties You have unveiled from me! How many errors You have reduced from me! And  how many chains of afflictions You have dismounted from me!

      Praise be to God who did not possess companions nor was He begotten, and He did not have any associates in his Kingdom, He did not possess a distress friend, He who is the most Greatest.

      Praise be to God to the extent of those that praises Him for the whole of His favour, praise be to God who did not have any opposition in His Kingdom, and no one disputes Him in His affairs.

      Praise be to God who has no partner in His creation, and no one is similar to Him in His Majesty. Praise be to God who prevailed in creating His issues, who is manifested by His Generosity and Honour, who is openhanded in gift, whose reservoir did not decrease when giving it out, His giving out did not increase Him except Generosity and Honour. Indeed He is the Mighty the Provider.

      O’ Allah! I am requesting little from the abundant with You thought my desire to this little is very great and sincere before You are sufficient from it, and it is inevitable to me, which is very simple to You.

      O’ Allah! Verily Your pardon for my sin, Your overlooking of my mistakes, Your remission of my oppression, Your veiling of my bad deeds, Your forbearance on my abundant evil, in a situation where my mistakes and my intentionally committed sins is enough for me not to request any thing which I did not entitle from You, after all that You have provided me from Your mercifulness, and have showed me Your power and have acknowledge me Your acceptance, then I insisted calling You with rest of mind.

      I requested from You with free mind without fear nor scared, proving to You what I intended in You, if You delayed me some times in accepting my call, I admonish my ignorance in You, may be he delay is the best for me, for Your knowledge of he consequence of all things.

      O’ my Lord! I never see a master that has patient on his wicked servant like You. You call me for good but I turn back on You, You showed me Your love in me but I do annoyed You, You showed me likeness but I did not accept it from You, as if I am exalted than You, but this did not prevent You from bestowing Your blessing on me, and Your doing good to me, You put my disposal on Your ignorant servant and bestowed Your mercy on him for the sake of Your goodness, indeed You are Generous and Openhanded.

      Praise be to God, the King of the kings, who cause the ship to move, who make the wind subservient, the Creator of the daylight, the owner of the Religion, the Lord of the worlds. Praise be to God for His forbearance after His knowledge, praise be to God for His pardon after having the power to punish.

      Praise be to God for His long tolerance after being annoyed, and He possess the strength to execute all His wishes, praise be to God, the creator of the creations, who spread the provisions, who creates daylight, He who possess Majesty and Honour, grace and favour, who is far from sight, but He is close and witness the intimate discussion, be He raise above all.

      Praise be to God whom no one disputes with Him, and no any similarity that confirm with Him, and there is no any supporter to assist Him, His prestige subdued all prestigious ones all great me bow down to His greatness and His strength extend to any where He wishes.

      Praise be to God, who answered me when I called Him, He veiled all my blames while I still offend Him, He enlarge His favour on me but I can’t recompense Him, how many pleasant endowment He has given me! How many great fear he has rescued from me! How many joys He has showed upon me! So I lauded Him by praising Him, and will mention Him with praise.

      Praise be to God, whose veil cannot be exposed, whose means cannot be close, He did not reject those that seek from Him, He did not frustrate those that has hope in Him, praise be to God, who give security to scared ones, and rescued the good servants, He raise the weak ones and disgrace the arrogant ones, He destroy the despotic rulers and succeeded them with others. Praise be to God, the breaker of the arrogant, the eraser of the oppressors, cognizant of the fugitives, who punishes the oppressors, who make the shouters to shout, the place for the request of the needier, the supporter of the believers. Praise be to God, whom due to His Majesty the Heaven and all its inhabitant shakes, the Earth and its buildings shivered, the ocean create waves and those that swim in hi its gulf, praise be to God who has guide us to this path, I couldn’t have been guided if not God who has guided me.

      Praise be to God who creates and was not created, He made the provision and provision was not made for Him, He feeds and was not fed, he causes death and gives life to death, He is alive and dies not, He is in the possession of all good things, verily He possess power over all things.

      O’ Allah! Bless Muhammad, Your  servant, Your Messenger, Your trustee, Your legacy, Your beloved one, the appointed one among Your creatures ,the protector of Your mysteries, the propagator of Your message, with the best, the perfected, the most beautiful, the pure, the clean and abundant blessing, mercy, favour and peace You have not sent to any of Your servants, Prophets, Messenger, sincere and the respected ones among Your creatures.

      O’ Allah! Bless Ali the commander of the faithful and the trustee of the Prophet of the Lord of the world, Your servant, Your Guardian, the brother of Your Messenger, and Your proof on Your creatures, Your great sign, and the great news, blessing be on the trustworthy and the purified ones, Fatimah the mistress of the women of the two worlds,  blessing be on the two blesses grand sons, the leaders of the right path, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain, the chief of the youth of the paradise.

      Blessing be on the leaders of the Muslims, Ali son of Al-Hussain, and Muhammad son of Ali, and Ja’afer son of Muhammad, and Musa son of Ja’afar, and Ali son of Musa, and Muhammad son of Ali, and Ali son of Muhammad, and Al-Hassan son of Ali, and Al-Mahdi the guide and successor, they are Your proves on Your servants and Your trustee in you land, such blessing which is in abundant and continuous to be on them.

      O’ Allah! Bless the leader of the affair, the hopeful riser, the awaited just, secure him with Your intimate Angels, and support him with the Holy Spirit, the Lord of the worlds.

      O’ Allah! Make him to call to Your Book, to establish Your Religion, make him Your ambassador as You have done to those before him, make possible for him the Religion which You are pleased with, and change his condition to secured one after being in scared, serving You without associating anything with You.

      O’ Allah! Honour him and be honoured with him, help him to become victorious through him, help him with a noble helping and open all his means, and create from Yourself for him a supreme supporter. O’ Allah manifest Your Religion through him and the custom of Your Prophet till the truth is not hidden due to fear among Your creatures.

      O’ Allah! We are desirous unto You the noble nation, that will honour Islam and the Muslims, and degrade hypocrisy and hypocrites, and grant us among those calling for Your obedience and a guide to Your course, and grant us the honour of this world and the world Hereafter.

      O’ Allah! Grant us execution of what You teaches among the fact, and complete what has been decrease due to our negligence.

      O’ Allah! Gather all that is scattered through him, mend our crack through him, increase our little number through him, enrich our family through him, pay our damages through him, remedy our poverty through him, satisfy our traits through him, make ease all our difficulties through him, brighten our face through him, free our slavery through him, make us successful in our request through him, fulfil our covenant through him, and through him You accept our prayers, grant our request through him, let us obtain our exception in this world and the world Hereafter through him, and grant us more that our demand through him.

      O’ the best that people requested from, He who gives in excess, relief our heart through him, and take away the wrath from our mind through him, guide us to the right path in what we have difference, indeed You guide whomever You wish to the right path, help us against Your enemy and against our enemy through him, O’ Lord Amen!

      O’ Allah! We complaint to You for the absence of our Prophet may Your blessing be on him and on his holy family, and the absence of our guard, the high number of our enemy, and our low number, and the affliction on us is very intense and the pretence of the time on us. So send Your blessing to Muhammad and to his holy family and help us with quick victory, and manifest the real leader, and over spread Your blessing on us and cover us with good health, with Your Mercy, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.