Supplication of the third day of the month of Sha'baan

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      O’ Allah, I am requesting from You by the sake of he who was born this day, who was promised of his martyrdom before his inception and birth, The Heaven and all that is in it wept for him, and the Earth and all that is on it also wept for him, when his legs has not touch this earth, he whose martyrdom is very painful and a leader whose martyrdom always remain in mind, who was strengthen with victory the day he was attacked, who was recompensed by the Imams from his offspring for his killing, whose soil is medication, in his returning there is victory with him, and the legacies from his progeny after occultation of he who shall stood firm among them, until the witness bows and the revolutionaries will revolt and crush the oppressors and they will be the best of his helper, may Allah’s blessing be on them with the variation of day and night.

      O’ Allah for their sake I invocate to You, I am asking You the request of the wrong doers confessing that I have committed evils to my soul and I am among those who has forsaken in his days and nights, seeking for protection till the place of his tomb.

      O’ Allah bless Muhammad and his holy progeny and resurrect us in their group and accommodate us in the house of high repute and place of dwelling. O’ Allah as You have bless us for knowing him bless us by closeness to him and grant us his company and make us among those that shall surrender to his command and among those that shall pray for him when he was mentioned and to the whole of his trustee and the chosen ones, whom was extended to twelve in number, the luminous stars and the proofs on the whole mankind.

      O’ Allah grant us the best gift of this day, and grant us success in all our request, as You have given Husain to Muhammad his grandfather peace be on him and on his holy family, and You protected Futures in his cradle, so we seek refuge through his holy tomb after him, we witness his soil and awaiting his return, (Amen) May God accept it, the Lord of the worlds.