Supplication of the month of Rajab


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


      O’ Allah! I am requesting from You with the meaning of the supplication by which You are called by leaders of Your affairs, the trustworthy of Your secret, the cheerful ones with Your command, the describer of Your Mightiness, the announcer of Your Greatness. I requested from You what was uttered by Your wishes on them, hence You made them the resources of Your words, the pillars of Your Monotheism, Your signs and Your location that was not at any place vacated for those that knows You, there is no difference between You and them except they are Your servants and creatures, they are unstitch and their mending is in Your Hand, their commencing is from You and their returning is unto You. The support, the witness, the cause of death, deprivation, and protection are all from You.

      With them You filled Your Heaven and Your Earth until there is no god except You manifested.

      So with that I requested from You, and with the prestigious location from Your mercy, for the sake of Your Location and signs, to send Your blessing upon Muhammad and upon his family and to increase my faith and firmness in Religion, O’ He who is inward in His manifestation and manifest in His inwardness and hidden, O’ He who distinguished between light and gloominess, O’ He who is describe without His true, who was known without remembrance, who created every limit, who witness every thing that is taking place, who cause everything into existence, who enumerates every thing that is counted, He who devoid every none existence, none of the worshiped one that worth pride and generosity beside You.

      O’ He who was not conditioned with how, and not located with place, O’ He who is hidden to every sight, O’ He who is continuous, O’ The Everlasting, who knows every thing known, send Your blessing on Your chosen servants, and the selected one among the mankind and to Your intimate Angels, including those ones on row and those on circumambulating.

      Bless us in this Our holy month, and in other sacred months that shall come after it, and accomplished Your favour on us, grant us abundant portion, and justify the portion bestowed on us in the sacred month for the sake of Your great and utmost Name that You kept on the noon that make it to illuminate, and on the night that make it darken, so forgive us regards what You know about us and what we didn’t know.

      Grant us best protection from sin, and suffice us with Your strength, and bestowed on us with Your good consideration, and don’t direct us to other than You, don’t deprive us of Your benefits, bless us for the years You have written for us, and reform our hidden secrets and grant us security from yourself, let us put the good faith in You for You service and grant us to witness the holy month of fasting (Ramadan) and the days and years after it, O’ the possessor of Majesty and Splendor.