Supplication for protection of The Present Imam (a.t.f.s.)



I am pleased with Allah as god and with Islam as religion and with Qur'an as book of guidance and with Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) as Prophet and with Ali as guardian and with Al-Hasan and Al-Hussain and Ali son of Al-Husain and Muhammad son of Ali and Ja'afar son of Muhammad and Musa son of Ja'afar and Ali son of Musa and Muhammad son Ali and Ali son of Muhammad and Al-Hasan son of Ali and Al-Hujjah son of al-Hasan son of Ali the Imam.

O Allah! Protect Your legacy the proof from his front, his back, his right and left sides, above him and under him and prolong his life, make him to uphold Your command, victorious in Your religion, showed him what he want in himself and in his descendant and in his family and properties and in his followers and in his enemy and showed them what they were cautioned of , show him in them what he wishes that will please him and tranquil ours and the believers mind with him.