Supplication for his Excellency’s advent and for freedom from the fire of hell

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O He who hears all voices, O he who gathers everything, O he created soul after death, O the causer, O the inheritor, O the master of masters, O God of gods, O The Mighty over the oppressors, O the king of this world and the hereafter, O the Lords of the lords, O the King of the kings, O the                                                                                    O He who does what he wishes, O he who knows the number of breaths and the movement of feet, O He to whom all secrets are visible, O the starter, O He who returns everything.


I requested from You by the sake of your right over the best among your creatures and for the sake their right you have made incumbent on Yourself to send Your blessing on Muhammad and members of his house and to grant me the rescue of my neck from Hellfire, execute for your good friends from the descendant of Your Prophet, the callers to Your course with Your permission, Your trustee among Your creatures, Your sight among Your servants, Your proof among Your creatures, may Your peace and blessing be upon him.



O Allah! Support him with Your assistance and assist your servant, empower his companions and grant them patience, open for them a protected authority and hasten his relief, let him prevail over Your and Your Prophet's enemies, O the most merciful of the merciful.