Supplications for removing trouble and hardship



There is no ability and strength except Allah the Most High and Magnificent, I rely on He who is alive and dies not, thanks be to Almighty Allah who doesn't possess a companion nor a descendant and doesn't possess any deity in his authority, and He does  not possess a distressed friend, He who is the most greatest.


In the name of Allah, blessing upon Muhammad and his household, I deputize all my affairs to Allah, verily Allah sees all His servants, Allah safeguards him from all their plots, there is no deity except you, Glory be to You, verily I am among the oppressors. We answered his call and rescued him from grief, that is how we rescued the believers, Allah suffice us and the best protector, inverted the favors from Allah and preference that was not touched by evils, to the wish of Allah, there is no strength and vigor except from Allah, to the wish of Allah and not to the wish of mankind. to the wish of Allah even though mankind rejected it.



God suffice me from other gods, Creator suffice me from other creatures, the Provider suffice me from the prosperous ones, Allah suffice me, the Lord of the worlds, suffice me He who suffices me, suffice me He who did not seize from sufficing me, suffice me He who has been sufficing me, Allah whom there is no god except him suffice me, unto Him I kept my trust, and he is the Lord of the Mighty throne.