Qunoot of  Imam Sajjad (a.s.)for removing the trouble of trouble makers

and victory of the right and righteous in the world.


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O , great Allah, in honesty the creation of human, human’s personality, and whatever that its running on its soul, and whatever that is combined in it with creation of man, is unable from handling the destiny and orders, except whatever You have allowed for the one in that class, and have helped them those people with permission.


O, great Allah, truthfully,  every heart is in Your powerful hand, and requests are for You in Your kingdom, in reality, Oh my Lord and Master, You know every requests toward You in removing whatever happening, their time is unmovable with  Your power, because of Your decision and Your wish.


I know that the hall of rewards is Yours, for either good or bad, either to praise or to punish.  In addition, the day that You will judge with justice and fairness is Yours. Moreover, I know for sure that Your patience is just like Your generosity, and it is the closest to what You described Yourself in Your kindness and love.  You are watching oppressors and unfair person, know their places, and position in the other world. 


O, great Allah, in truthfulness You have given life, food, and wealth to Your creatures because You are patience and merciful. 


But, the oppressors unfairly have changed Your orders, the path of Your prophets have been altered, the unfair and oppressor disobeyed You and attacked Your friends, changed what You forbidden to do to deeds that are acceptable and  good, and they rode against Your orders and arrogantly challenged your institution.


O, my great Allah: send them Your wrath and condemnation including your extreme punishments and hardship quickly, destroy them totally, completely, clean towns and cities from their existence, and remove their signs and beings from cities and towns, turn their habitats upside down and deny light in their homes. Destroy them with a destruction that:  there will be none of them left for anyone to find,  no sign of them for anyone to search, no place for them to hide or refuge, and no one to want them.


O, Allah: pulverize them and their existence, break and destroy their wealth, homes, and habitats, crush their children, separate the disks of their spines in their back, and rush them toward Your everlasting hardship and punishment in hell. 


Replace their leaders with The Shia’ Imam and replace them with just and fair Shia’ people in their place.  Light the way for the fire of the truth, bring about the ones who are looking for the justice and revenge of the Imam’s blood. Strengthen the seeker of justice and fairness with Your Might, and increase their strength with Your Power and Help.   So that the justice and the fairness is returned to its rightful path, and the path of justice and fairness is clear for the seekers of justice and fairness, so it will be safe for them to step in that path.


It is the truth that You are able and have the Power to do anything