Thirty Lessons from Ashura

1. Align yourself with right no matter the cost.

2. Enjoin good and forbid evil.

3. Love those who are good and befriend yourself to them.

4. Do not be friends with those who do evil, are cruel or are foolish.

5. When you love someone, you should feel their pain and mourn their tragedies.

6. The more you love someone, the more you will feel for them.

7. You should love God and His messengers and guides more than you love yourself and your family.

8. There is nothing wrong with showing genuine emotion in response to oppression in public.

9. We should all fight oppression with whatever we have.

10. There is more than one way to fight; pick the one that suits the circumstances. Ask those who are wise about the right way.

11. Ask those who are wise about everything and follow them.

12. A follower should not only incline to his leader and listen to him, but reform his actions to be in accordance with his leader's. If he really loves him, he will work hard to avoid anything contrary to his leader's teachings. If he does not really love him, he is a hypocrite and offers lip service but will fail a rest test if it comes.

13. If people let the memory of injustice fade, it is easier for tyrants to carry it out again.

14. God protects His message so that we may know it.

15. Godly people make great sacrifices for God's cause.

16. The right often lies with the few rather than the many. Don't be afraid to be a minority.

17. Hijab is precious. Family is precious. Brave, loving men are precious. Women who speak up when necessary are precious.

18. Nothing is more precious than God.

19. The jihad of men and women is different, but we must all practice patience, forbearance, and willingness to forgive someone who is truly sorry.

20. The length of your life as a Muslim is less important than what you do with that time. It is better to die at the pinnacle of your faith than to live another moment on its decline. We should dedicate ourselves to the cause of God and increasing our faith.

21. Prayer is so important that even on a battlefield you must keep it.

22. Young and old alike can do great things or terrible things.

23. God has a plan.

24. Thirst is terrible. Do not anyone or thing go thirsty while you have the power to prevent it. When you drink, remember those who died thirsty because people prevented them from having it.

25. Silence or inaction can be VERY evil. You can be guilty without committing the action by letting it happen or deluding yourself that you can do nothing about it.

26. It is our duty to become educated and aware as much as possible. Ignorance is not bliss, it is sin if it is preventable.

27. We must be sensitive and compassionate toward the suffering of others. It is wrong to celebrate in the face of another's tragedy.

28. Do not let differences divide what the love of God can unite. Ashura is an occasion to be united in love of God and God's messengers and guides.

29. The one who sides with God can never be hopeless and the one who sides against God can never have hope.

30. The unrighteous seek to deceive or intimidated others to be in their ranks. Do not be deceived or intimidated.