Supplication to Recite in Qunut of the Salat during times of Peril

(1) Dua Before Takbeeratul Ehram
Before uttering the Takbeeratul Ehraam, it is worthy that he recites the invocation of attention (doa-e-tawajjoh) which, in the narration of Abdullah Ibn Jafar Himyari (received in the tawqee of Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.) is as follows:


1. O Allah! Torment those who disbelieve in You, And the hypocrites and those who fight Your Friends The Aimmah from the Family of Your Prophet, the Pure.

2. O Alloh! Forgive me and the believing men and women. Make amends between them (removing all rancour). Unite them in word, Make firm in their hearts, faith and wisdom, Establish them upon the creed of Your Prophet, Help them against Your enemy and their enemy.

3. O Allah! Guide me in (the way of) those You have guided, Save me in (the way of) those You have saved, Protect me from the evil of that which You have decreed, For surely it is You who decree and are not decreed upon, He is not debased who befriends You,

4. Glory be to You, our Lord, the most High!

5. There is no creature or entity worthy of worship except for You, I seek forgiveness from You and turn to You, I ask You O Lord for goodness in this world, And goodness in the hereafter. I ask that You protect us from the torment of the Fire.