Dua for Marriage

Various Prayers and Supplications for a Brother Wishing to get Married

1. If despite reaching the age of sexual maturity, a boy has not received a suitable offer of marriage, then he should recite Surah al-Ahzab (33) regularly. Insha-Allah, he will be married soon.

2. One should recite the following Du`a after he gives gifts to the deserving believers – men and women.

“O Causer of the Causes; O He who opens the doors (to opportunities); O’ He who gives an answer to the call from wherever (He is called).”

Yaa Musabbibal Asbaabi Yaa Mufattihal Abwaabi Yaa Man Haythu Maa Du-ee-Ya Ajaaba

3. According to a narration in Bihar al-Anwar, to invoke the Almighty Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) that a grown up man is married, the following Du`a should be recited 100 times a day for forty (40) consecutive days after any of the obligatory Salat.

“Make easy (my difficulties), by Your superabundant favours, O’ the Most Mighty.”

Sahlam Bi Fadhlika Yaa `Azeez

4. According to Bihar al-Anwar, the following portion of verse 132 of Surah Taha should be written on paper with a mixture of Musk, Saffron and Rose water and tied to the right arm of the man who desires to be married soon. The person who is negotiating the proposal of marriage should also do the same thing (if applicable).

“It is We who give you sustenance, and the good of the hereafter is for those who have Allah consciousness and guard themselves against evil.”

Nahnu Narzuquka wal `Aaqibatu Lit-Taqwa

5. According to Imam Ja`far ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq (peace be upon him), whoever desires to get married should recite the following Du`a before making a formal request for marriage:

“O’ Allah! I desire to marry, so arrange for me a woman from those who willingly abstain from what is unlawful and who safeguards her soul for my sake and because of her, not only my means of sustenance will increase, but also make there be in it abundance and also make it sure that she will give me a virtuous son, who will be a noble successor in my life and after my death.”

Allahumma Innee Urreedu An Atazawwaja Faqaddir Lee Minan Nisaa-I A’fihunna Farjajan wa Ah’fadh’ihunna Lee Fee Nafsihaa Wa Awsa-i-Hunna Lee Rizwan Wa A-dhamahunna Lee Barakatan Fee Nafsihaa Wa Maaleee Faqaddir Lee Minhaa Waladan Tayyiban Tajaluhoo Khalafan Saalihan Fee Hayaatee Wa Ba`da Mawtee.

6. It is mentioned in Bihar al-Anwar that if impediments are obstructing a person from marrying, then he should write the following verses of Surah Taha with saffron and water and keep it with him, and Insha-Allah, all difficulties will subside.

“Nor strain your eyes in longing for the things We have given for enjoyment to parties of them, the splendour of the life of this world, through which We test them: but the provision of thy Lord is better and more enduring. And enjoin prayer on your family, and be constant therein. We ask you not to provide sustenance: We provide it for you. But the (fruit of) the Hereafter is for righteousness.”

Wa Laa Tamuddanna Aynayka Ilaa Maa Matta`-Naa Bihee Azwaajam Minhum Zahratal Hayaatid Dunyaa Linaftinahum Feeh Wa Rizqu Rabbika Kharyuw Wa Abqaa. Wa`mur Ahlaka Bis Salaati Wastabir Alayhaa Laa Nas- Aluka Rizqaa Nahnu Narzuquk Wal A`aqibatu Littaqwaa.